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Mold and allergic reactions – is there any connection?

Molds are fungi that massively grow in damp areas with high exposure to water damage and moist. Molds help people and the environment in a very beneficial way, but though molds are like this, they can be harmful and dangerous for heath, too.

Health Issue of Mold Exposure

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Health problems will be the number one bad effect of mold growth, especially when exposed to humans. Molds are everywhere. They are not visible to human naked eyes, so it is impossible for you to know their existence, unless there are signs observed.

One of the positive signs that there's a massive exposure of molds in your place is the reaction of your body towards it. The body reaction towards the presence of molds can also be a symptom of mold manifestation. It will surely harm your health, and in some cases, it might even give you serious health illness or cause your death.

Symptoms of Mold allergies

Usually, the human body reacts in the presence of molds through allergic reactions. These include:

  • o Cold/flu-like symptoms
  • o Sneezing
  • o Coughing
  • o Irritated & itchy throat
  • o Sore throat
  • o Runny nose
  • o Itchy nose
  • o Blocked nose
  • o Difficulty breathing/shortness of breath
  • o Sinus congestion
  • o Sinus headaches
  • o Wheezing
  • o Skin rash/hives
  • o Irritated & itchy skin
  • o Watery eyes
  • o Red, bloodshot eyes
  • o Itchy eyes
  • o Itchy ears
  • o Hair loss
  • o Hay fever signs
    • Molds target individuals with weak immune system, most commonly, those who have asthma and allergies.

      Symptoms of Toxic Mold Exposure

      There are certain types of mold that are very harmful to humans, because they produce high amount of toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals are commonly called as 'mycotoxins'.

      The symptoms of the exposure of mycotoxins are worse than the mold allergy symptoms and they come in a variety. But basically, it includes:

      • Bleeding
      • Mental impairment
      • Damages to internal organs, and even
      • Death

      Why wait till you feel some health issues? Simply give us a call via 802-230-4767 and we’ll provide you with a free quote.

      Infections due to Mold Exposure

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      Given the fact that molds are everywhere and they just float in the air, there's a big possibility that you will inhale, ingest or touch them. Infection in your internal organs would be the worst consequence of unwilling inhalation of toxic mold.

      Mold infection actually grows slowly and is rarely serious, unless the immune system of the infected individual is weak.

      Testing for Mold symptoms

      There are three effective ways to find mold symptoms. These methods will be useful in determining if you are positive in mold allergies or not.

      • 1) Physical Examination
      • This test is performed by a doctor or allergist. Aside from observing the obvious physical symptoms with the symptoms you're describing, a doctor can also determine if you have allergic reactions caused by molds by conducting a simple physical examination.
      • 2) Skin Tests
      • One of the ways to know if you're suffering from mold allergies is by conducting a skin test. Tiny drops of purified mold allergens will then be put on your skin and will be observed. Skin tests for mold allergies are more reliable than other type of tests available.
      • 3) Blood Test
      • Another way of determining if you have mold allergies is by conducting a blood test, where your blood will be examined for the presence of mold antibodies. There are a variety of blood tests to be conducted in order to get a reliable result.
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